Recitals & Community gigs


We have two recitals every year, one in the beginning of the Summer and one in the Winter. These take place in an auditorium/venue with a stage, sound, lights, etc. Students who are ready to participate (this is determined by the instructor) and who want to participate, get a chance to get on stage and share with Family and friends in the audience what they have been working on.

We have averaged between 25-30 students of all ages and levels performing at every one of our recitals.


Be sure to invite as many friends and family as you want and don’t forget to bring your camera and/or video camera to capture those special moments. This is a highlight event for many of our students as they truly look forward to it every time.

In 2016 we started going to Retirement communities every 45-60 days to provide musical entertainment for the residents of these places. We called this project “Community Gigs”, and, in case you’re wondering … a “Gig” is a commonly used word among musicians to describe a performance.


Anyway, here’s how it works: We contact various facilities and schedule dates for us to go in and perform for the residents. Students wanting to serve, volunteer to perform at one of these Community Gigs which normally take place on a weekend. We show up, perform, spend some time visiting with the people attending our performance and then leave.

"Music Is everybody's possesion." - John Lennon

The main reason for doing this is to teach our students that music is a great tool that can be used to serve others by sharing the result of our many hours of practice. We aim to inspire our students to follow our example so in the future they can do the same.
At the same time that we strive to provide entertainment for the residents at these communities, our students have the privilege of performing for a very grateful and appreciative audience which helps them feel more confident in their performing skills.
We look forward to expand our audience and visit Children’s homes, Veterans homes, etc.