How we teach

We make you feel at home when
learning an instrument

What we do & What we believe

The main thing we want you to know is that we strive to provide a very fun, respectful and relaxed atmosphere where the student can feel “at home” and truly enjoy the learning process. That being said, we follow well-structured curriculums in everyone of our lessons as our goal is to ensure every student develops a solid technical foundation which will allow them to play their instrument (voice included) very well, regardless of the style of music they choose.


Students learn music theory, how to read music, and all the technical skills related to their instrument. Along with that, at the right time, students start working on pieces or songs of the style of music they like which they may end up performing at one of our bi-yearly recitals.

We strongly believe in the bond that is developed between the student and the instructor as we are convinced that it definitely impacts the learning process. Because of this, we always do our best to get to know our students well as that allows us to best help them learn.

We’ve had students ranging from 6 years to 85 years of age

About half of our students are adults. We feel very blessed and can say that many of our students have been with us for more than 2.5 years and they continue to learn and have fun with their instrument.

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"Listening is the key to everything great in music." - Pat Metheney