Our Lessons

About our Programs

The minimum age for Piano is 6 and for the rest of the instruments (Guitar, Ukulele & Voice) is 8.

Most of our lessons are Private, 1 on 1 with the instructor.

We also have, based on availability, a couple of Semi-Private lessons for Guitar and Ukulele but space is limited. These lessons can be opened with a minimum of 2 students but will never have more than 4.

All lessons are once a week and we offer two formats for Private lessons:

  • 30 min lesson
  • 60 min lesson

Semi-Private lessons are always 60 min.

Registration & Enrollment

There’s a $30 registration fee that is paid only once, upon enrollment. Once we have spoken and you are ready to start we will send you an email with the instructions to get enrolled, which is a very simple process and will only take a few minutes.


We do not have a long-term contract, however, Tuition is paid monthly, and is due on the 1st of every month*.

Private 30 Min

4 lessons
$120 per month

Private 60 Min

4 lessons
$220 per month

Semi - Private 60 Min

4 lessons
$110 per month

(Class opens with a min of 2 students and will not have more than 4 students)

We offer a Family discount for multiple siblings or when a student wants to take more than one lesson**
* When someone starts lessons in the middle of the month, the first month’s tuition is prorated.
** Family discount doesn’t apply to Semi-Private lessons.

Don't wait any longer

Start learning an instrument today!

Even though the main information is listed on this page, I highly encourage you to please give us a call as we would love to find out more about the goals and expectations you have so we can figure out how we can best help you reach those objectives.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully to getting you started with lessons soon.

Make Up & Cancellation Policy (1-2-3)

1 – We require that all students notify us at least 48 hrs in advance if they are not going to be able to make their lesson so we can look at our calendar and schedule a make up*
(either later that same week or the following week).

2 – If we do not receive a 48 hr notice, the lesson is forfeited. We do this out of respect for our instructors’ time who block the time slot for every student every week, therefore, if we are not notified 48 hrs in advance we still pay them for the lesson.

3 – The only two exceptions to the 48 hr rule are:

  • a death in the family
  • one of the members of your immediate household is in the hospital or had a serious emergency.

* Every student gets up to 4 make ups in a 6 month period.